Gary Clark Jr. ‘Numb’

Very rarely in rock music (it seems to happen every week in hip hop) is a debut album as anticipated as Gary Clark Jr’s ‘Blak & Blu’, and rightfully so. Ever since his excellent ‘Bright Lights’ EP in 2011, Gary Clark Jr. has been stunning audiences and gaining new fans all over the place – he’s been compared to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton.

His new album, out this week on Warner Bros. , has all the elements in place for a sure-fire crossover smash, mixing up the rugged rock-blues riffs he’s become known for with a clean pop orientated production that has disappointed some critics. Running through a range of Gary Clark Jr’s incredible talents (soul, rock, R&B and even hip hop) it is a bit of a mixed bag to tell you the truth, but there are some absolute gems on there and this guy can really shred on that guitar!

Rock out this morning:



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