Bomba Estéreo ‘Pa’ Respirar’

Bomba Estereo are a band from Colombia who blend their native styles (cumbia, champeta and Afro-Latin) with modern electronic sounds in such a mesmerizing and exciting way you’ll soon see why their album ‘Elegancia Tropical’ is the most anticipated album to come out of Bogota all year. A follow up to their 2009 debut, this was recorded ‘beachside’ and the soaring guitar riffs and sensuous vocals of Liliana Saumet work well with the shimmering electro beats that make it a must listen for any music fan. Out worldwide this week it’s streaming free here.

‘Pa’ Respirar’, which closes the album on a high note,  was actually released last year as a sweet acoustic track, but the final version shows the development and production that has gone into the album that was mostly written in an organic traditional way. Maybe that’s why we’ve had to wait so long for this follow up. Looks like it was worth it:


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