Hot 8 Brass Band ‘Ghost Town’

Ever since Hot 8 Brass Band broke into the mainstream after featuring in a Spike Lee documentary post Hurricane Katrina, they have been working tirelessly to promote the long standing tradition of New Orleans brass bands worldwide. Their second album ‘The Life & Times Of…’ came out this week and it is (like their debut) a raucous and relentless affair full of energy and life that’ll have you not just tapping your foot but stamping it along to the latin and gospel-tinged funk grooves.

The first single to be released is a double A-side featuring their incredible take on The Specials ‘Ghost Town’ (they turn the somber anthem into a party riot) and the epic, sprawling  ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ featuring raps from Big Al Huntley and Shamarr Allen. New Orleans music tradition of jazz and funk has been alive for over 100 years, and with bands like this around it is not going to die for a very long time:


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