Soundgarden ‘Non-State Actor’

Happy Thanksgiving all of you stateside. I was looking for something ‘American’ this morning and was struggling a little until I realised I hadn’t posted a track from the new Soundgarden album yet! Well, here is a rather American themed video for the riff-heavy track ‘Non-State Actor’.

16 years after their last album ‘Down On The Upside’ and after many failed Chris Cornell solo projects, the rockers from Seattle are back with their sixth album out last week. Soundgarden were my favourite band from ages 13 – 16 (the reason for many sore throats… there is no point even trying to sing as loud as Cornell!) and to be fair, I didn’t really expect much from ‘King Animal’. However, this is a very pleasant surprise. If you haven’t checked it out yet and were a child of the grunge-fueled early 90s, then this is exactly what you need this morning. A brilliant album pretty much from start to finish, Soundgarden stay right up there with Alice In Chains and bring out the big guns with tracks ‘Taree’, ‘Rowing’ and ‘Non-State Actor’. Happy Turkey eating:


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