Murs & 9th Wonder ‘It’s Over’

If there was some sort of award for best hip-hop producer of the year, 9th Wonder should be right up there on the short list. This year, along with a documentary ‘The Wonder Year’ and solo album Tutankhamen, we’ve already had cracking collaboration albums with Phonte, Buckshot plus this incredible re-teaming with long stalwart Murs. He’s a CEO, NAACP ambassador, Duke University professor, husband, father, son and a Grammy Award winning producer – and a hot commodity right now.

In 2004, Murs teamed up with 9th Wonder to start their adventure together with ‘3:16: The 9th Edition’. This was just the beginning of their journey with an album released every two years 2006’s ‘Murray’s Revenge’, 2008’s ‘Sweet Lord’ and 2010’s ‘Fornever’.

This November they released their final album together appropriately titled ‘The Final Adventure’. Murs not only shows off his sharp tongue which has just progressed with age, but 9th Wonder stays right on his hot streak of soulful, snare-and-bass heavy production on an album every hip-hop fan should check out.

Here’s the final track, disappointingly announcing ‘It’s Over’ – sad face:


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