Best Tunes of 2012: No. 6 Beach House ‘Other People’

Beach House are a band that seem to just get better and better. After eight years and three albums together, they finally hit the big time with their newest record ”Bloom’: a stark and minimal dreamy-pop mix of organs, guitars and Legrand’s vocals all wrapped up in a haze of sound so wonderful you can’t help but get lost in it.

‘Other People’ is the stand out track from me, one that I’ve kept returning to throughout the year. The track is seeped in layers and layers of sound: sliding guitar riffs, sweet vocal harmonies, an off-beat organ line and a rolling synth that just fill your speakers and washes all over you. Halfway through, everything goes silent apart from a drum cymbal – the most minimal of sounds – and it gives you time to breath. Once the emotional chorus rolls back in, you just know everything is going to be OK in the world. This is a simple yet highly effective trick that shows off the maturity of songwriting Beach House are at right now:


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