Best Tunes of 2012: No 4 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ‘Same Love’

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had a great 2012. The almost unheard of hip-hop duo released their debut album together, ‘Heist’ which exploded – selling bucket loads and gaining critical acclaim across the board. It spawned the platinum-selling hit ‘Thrift Shop’ and new single ‘Wings’. Macklemore touches upon serious issues such as bullying and commercialism on one track, then cheerfully raps about about wearing your granddads clothes the next: amazingly he manages to be both serious and funny at the same time. Macklemore’s wordplay is clever and witty throughout and the production by Lewis is experimental and complex making this an album with never a dull moment.

It is on ‘Same Love’ where they really excelled. Probably the first pro-gay hip-hop track ever, this is a hard topic to be rapping about, but Mackelmore does this with ease. However, this track isn’t just a call for equal marriage rights, but for equality in all aspects of life. All activism aside it has one of the most lyrical chorus hooks in recent years one that will stay with you for a long time.


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