Best Tunes of 2012: No 2 Bruce Springsteen ‘Death To My Homeland’

Bruce has never been one to shy away from everyday social and political topics in his music. Three years on from his last record ‘Working On A Dream’, the New Jersey hero released an album to rival his best with ‘Wrecking Ball’ in March.

‘Death To My Homeland’ is a protest song led by a tin whistle and deeply set with Irish folk roots, but the stadium-ready drumbeat will have you fist pumping in no time. Like much of the album, it draws from the American struggle of recent years, mainly due to the economic crisis of 2008. Lyrics like “The greedy thieves who came around/And ate the flesh of everything they found/Whose crimes have gone unpunished now/Who walk the streets as free men now” show his frustration with the lack of accountability of the bankers who got the average hard working man into this mess. ‘Death’ came, not in the form of war but through reckless economic practices.

Like no one else in music today, Bruce is singing for the people, and judging by the success of this album and the recent tour, he’s got a lot of them on his side. Try not to feel emotional with this blaring out your speakers!


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