Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate ‘Wonamati’

Oh how I love a world music fusion, especially when it is as good as this. Brooklyn’s politically-fueled rapper and soul singer Joe Driscoll teamed up with renowned Guinean kora virtuoso Sekou Kouyate at the ‘Nuit Metis’ festival in Marseilles and with no common language quickly bonded over music. This relationship flourished and culminated in the release of the excellent album ‘Faya’, a mix of traditional West African sounds with funk, soul, reggae and hip-hop peppered with singing, rapping and spoken word in a variety of dialects which gives ‘Faya’ a ‘straight-from-the-streets’ vibe.

The whole album is a must listen with tracks like ‘New York’ and ‘Passport’ they show off an unmatched passion for music with a collision of styles and lyrics that touch on social and political issues. Here is a clip of them performing ‘Wonamati’:


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