Toro Y Moi ‘Say That’

Toro Y Moi, California based producer Chaz Bundick had a lot to live up to after his breakthrough record ‘Underneath The Pine’ which hit my top 20 albums of 2011. That album saw Chaz bring in live instrumentation to re-jig his sample-based sound and to brilliant effect, thrusting him out of the ‘chillwave’ scene and straight into a genre all on his own. Well, he’s lived up to his reputation and more with new album ‘Anything In Return’ released on Carpark Records this week. Moving on yet again, this album is more accessible and upbeat than anything Chaz has done so far and second single ‘Say That’ shows this off with a driving house beat mixed with uplifting lyrics (‘We’re alright’) and hip-hop samples. ‘Anything In Return’ has come just in time to brighten up your weekend.


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