Nuru Kane ‘Afrika’

Nuru Kane was born in Senegal, raised in Paris and heavily influenced by Moroccan gwana music (he played bass in Moroccan band Bayefall Gwana before going solo) so, as you would expect, his music flows through a variety of styles. His debut album on Riverboat Records ‘Sibil’ (which explores the Moroccan gwana music tradition and its strong link to Malian and Senegalese music) gained him wide recognition and even a nomination for Best Newcomer in the 2007 Radio 3 World Music Awards.

‘Exile’, out on February 25th, is Nuru’s third album and it expands his already wide range of music influences bringing in reggae, gypsy folk and blues to his hypnotic Senegalese rhythms and spiritual gwana grooves. These colourful and exotic sounds are all held together by his deep and unique voice. Lead single ‘Afrika’ is a fast paced piece with rolling North African percussion and melodic vocals courtesy of his band Bayefall Gwana:


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