Verdi ‘Va, Pensiero’

OK, no ‘new’ track today, but something else that’s just as good. I’ve just come back from the most mind-blowing trip to Rome. So much happened so quickly that I’m only now getting a chance to think about it all. So for the track today, I’ve decided to post one of my favourite Italian pieces, by one of my favourite Italian composers. This piece has a double meaning today: walking around the Jewish Quarter and eating in a deli there (one of the nicest and cheapest meals we had), was one of the most pleasant memories from the trip, and also I loved singing this in the choir (and on the plane back!).

A chorus from the third act from Nabucco, it recollects the story of Jewish exiles from Judea after the loss of the First Temple in Jerusalem. It was written in 1842 to inspire Italian nationals to unify and gain independence, which they finally did in 1870 with the capture of Rome. So, enjoy this, there hasn’t been much better ever written.

“Fly, thought, on wings of gold”


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