Vieux Farka Touré ‘Peace’

Mali has been torn apart by the fighting between Tuareg and Islamic rebels since early 2012, it’s disrupted the whole country and in that time many musicians have spoken out about the horrors of living in a country at war. Son of legendary Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, who passed away in 2006, Vieux has carried […]

Afrolicious ‘California Dreamin’

Like so many of the best bands, Afrolicious were born on the stage. Since 2006, the San Francisco band have been gaining a reputation for their raucous weekly parties featuring founding brothers Joe and Oz McGuire (aka Pleasuremaker and Señor Oz) DJing alongside live instrumentation – MC’s and horn players from the Bay area mixing up club heavy beats and […]

The Lonely Island ‘Go Kindergarden’

OK I know I posted on this recently, but the new album from The Lonely Island crew is sounding pretty brilliant. As part of their #Wack Wednesdays, the boys bring you another track ‘Go Kindergarden’, featuring vocals from Robyn and a video featuring dancers with paper bags on their heads and loads of #hashtags mocking nearly […]

Owiny Sigoma Band ‘Harpoon Land’

It’s very hard to find truly original and unique music today (we’ve pretty much heard it all right!), but Owiny Sigoma Band are one exception. Their debut album was a brilliant blend of Kenyan styles and British electronica that was released to critical acclaim and was in the top 40 best selling world music albums of […]

Homeboy Sandman ‘Peace & Love’

Stones Throw are quickly becoming the label to go to for decent independent hip-hop. Their newest release comes from Homeboy Sandman who has been highly praised ever since he dropped his first LP ‘First of a Living Breed’ in 2012. This new album is just going to send him even higher up in the rap […]

Crystal Fighters ‘You & I’

Anglo/Spanish band Crystal Fighters debut ‘Sea Of Love’ was one of those ‘love it or hate it’ records – a mash up of Spanish folk and alternative electronic music that served up hits such as ‘Champion Sound’ and ‘Plage’ but also a load of duds. Their new album ‘Cave Rave’ out next week is sure […]