Gogol Bordello ‘Malandrino’

The eccentric gypsy punk rock band Gogol Bordello have just announced their follow up to the highly popular 2010 record ‘Trans-Continental Hustle’ that saw them finally hit the big time. Their sixth album ‘Pura Vida Conspiracy’ is due for release 23 July via ATO Records/Casa Gogol Records and a tour is set for this summer. Frontman Eugene Hütz formed the band in 1999 in New York to help spread Gypsy/East-European music to the English speaking world and they soon gained notoriety for their highly energetic and theatrical live shows.

After spending a few years living in Brasil, Eugene has taken on both Latin American and Eastern European influences as the new album explores the ‘pure joy of being who you are’. ‘Malandrino’ (which translates as ‘a mischievous character’) is the perfect lead single with its Mariachi horns and shout-a-long chorus hook I can see this as a festival favorite come summer.


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