Owiny Sigoma Band ‘Harpoon Land’

It’s very hard to find truly original and unique music today (we’ve pretty much heard it all right!), but Owiny Sigoma Band are one exception. Their debut album was a brilliant blend of Kenyan styles and British electronica that was released to critical acclaim and was in the top 40 best selling world music albums of 2011. Their follow-up ‘Power Punch’ takes an already high bar and raises it. This time round the duo from Nairobi Joseph Nyamungu and Luo drummer Charles Owoko make the trip to London to collaborate with the band who traveled out there for the debut. The results are fascinating: spacey electronic landscapes of ‘Yukimwe’, desert-drenched bluesy nyatiti riffs on ‘Nagalo Ni Piny Odag’ and techno-fulled passion on ‘Owiny Techno’.

‘Harpoon Land’ is a lovely slice of Kenyan Afro-pop, perfect for this rainy Tuesday morning:




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