Vieux Farka Touré ‘Peace’

Mali has been torn apart by the fighting between Tuareg and Islamic rebels since early 2012, it’s disrupted the whole country and in that time many musicians have spoken out about the horrors of living in a country at war. Son of legendary Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, who passed away in 2006, Vieux has carried on in his fathers music tradition. His latest album ‘Mon Pays’ (which translates as ‘My Country’) out this week on Six Degrees Records is a homage to Mali and a call for the country protect its heritage and rebuild for its future.

‘For me it is a statement for the world that this land is for the sons and daughters of Mali, not for Al Qaeda or any militants. This land is for peace and beauty, rich culture and tolerance.This is our heritage, what we must always fight to protect in any way that we can. For me, that means making music that reminds the world of who we are.’

The album was recorded in Bamako and honors the acoustic traditions of Northern and Southern Mali. Two particularly emotional tracks ‘Peace’ and ‘Future’ feature Sidiki Diabate on the kora. Sidiki is the son of Mali’s most prominent kora players Toumani who recorded the Grammy award winning albums ‘In the Heart of the Moon’ and ‘Ali and Toumani’ along with Vieux’s father Ali which are among the most beautiful records ever made.

Listen to ‘Peace’, on which Sidiki’s kora and Vieux’s guitar intertwine to create a beautiful and organic sound showing a maturity and grace beyond their years.


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