Kermit Ruffins ‘Treme Second Line’

Kermit Ruffins’ new album is exactly what you would expect from its title, right from the fantastic opening track ‘Chinatown, my Chinatown’ it’s a non-stop party from one of the most musical cities on earth – New Orleans. ‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style!’ is a beautifully recorded and performed look at the best that late 19th century and early 20th century New Orleans jazz had to offer: a modern recording of some traditional standards. Kermit, who has been performing with his unique rasping vocals and trumpet in hand for over 20 years founded the famous Rebirth Brass Band and recently played a recurrent character on the HBO show “Treme”. ‘We Partyin’ Traditional Style!’ (out now on Basin Street Records) is the perfect place to come for an introduction to the toe-tapping sounds of early jazz music and Kermit is a man who is on top of his game.

‘Treme Second Line’, is a jolly piece (with a glorious trombone line) that is named after the ‘second line’ of people in a traditional New Orleans parade who follow right behind the brass band, dancing and singing along to the party music. Enjoy this!



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