Latvian Radio Choir ‘Rachmaninov: All Night Vigil’

The Latvian Radio Choir (founded in 1940) is regarded as one of the top professional chamber choirs in Europe and have found recent fame following a string of acclaimed releases under Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Sigvards Kļava. Their most recent release via Ondine ‘All Night Vigil’ has become the fastest selling classical album in the US according to Nielsen, due in part to a spot on NPR but also because it’s one of the best recordings you will hear all year.

Latvia is a small country but has a rich singing heritage boasting many choirs, one of the best being the Latvian Radio Choir – who may be the most in-demand choir in the world right now. Rachmaninov’s ‘All-Night Vigil’ was originally written in 1915 and consists of text taken from a Russian Orthodox ceremony sung by unaccompanied voices. The result is truly remarkable work of art – Rachmaninov was so pleased with it that he requested the fifth movement be sung at his funeral.

I’ve posted ‘All Night Vigil’ on newtunedaily among the normal electronic, rap and world music because this recording by the Latvian Radio Choir is outstanding: powerful, complex and subtle and deserves to be heard. Take some time out to listen to the whole recording below and enjoy!


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