Bombino ‘Azamane Tiliade’

When Malian couple Amadou & Miriam joined forces with Manu Chao on their brilliant 2004 album ‘Dimanche a Bamako’, it turned them into global stars with a huge record deal and world tours. The effect might not be as successful as that but Bombino teaming up with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach has already done him wonders. ‘Nomad’, Bombino’s third album has been met with critical acclaim since it’s release (via Nonesuch Records) in April and spots at Bonnaroo and Celebrate Brooklyn! (with Amadou & Miriam) festivals has put Bombinos name on the map.

Bombino (born Omara Moctar) is a member of the Tuareg Ifoghas clan a people of goat herders and camel drivers, who plied the trade routes from Central Africa to the Mediterranean and live in a territory that crosses into Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Libya, and Algeria. He spent many of his 33 years roaming around the area depending on which way the wars were blowing. Now he has become another sort of traveler – taking his music to people around the world. For a great read about Bombino’s life check out Justin Davidson’s recent article in New York magazine here.

Dan Auerbach, who revived Dr John’s sound last year has done wonders again on ‘Nomad’ adding just enough of his crunchy southern rock expertise to Bombinos hypnotic trance-like desert blues.


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