Preservation Hall Jazz Band ‘That’s It’

Their name just reeks of history and they have the clout to back it up. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band have been performing under the name for over 50 years, making them one of the longest running bands in the world. They are now led by Ben Jaffe (whose parents Allan and Sandra Jaffe founded the band in 1961) who teamed up with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James to produce the first album full of original songs in the bands history. Out go the retelling of jazz standards and in come 11 brand new songs, composed by Jaffe, Clint Maedgen, Charlie Gabriel and other band members. That’s It! is out July 9th on Legacy Recordings and is strongly recommended. It’s a really fun listen.

Below you can check out their the first single and accompanying video “That’s It”, a gritty horn-heavy track (what a sound!) that forces you to get up and dance right from those opening drums. James and Jaffe somehow managed to bring a fresh and exciting new take to this old and traditional sound – feel those Big Easy rhythms:

You can also check out the brilliant track ‘Dear Lord (Give Me the Strength)’ over at Rolling Stone magazine and stream the album over at NPR.



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