Jupiter & Okwess International ‘Margerita’

‘Hotel Univers’ is the highly anticipated debut album by the self-pronounced ‘rebel general of Congolese music’, Jupiter Bokondji. After appearing in ‘Jupiter’s Dance’, a 2007 film made by the same French film makers who created the Staff Benda Bilili documentary (which helped propel them band onto an international stage), Jupiter has been slowly building a reputation as the African musician to see right now. He collaborated with Damon Albarn on last years Africa Express and now with his band Okwess International he’s rocking audiences with his hypnotic grooves and dance-able rhythms.

‘Hotel Univers’ is available on Outhere Records now and will immediately transport you to the streets of Kinshasa with the funk-fueled ‘Bapasi’, the guitar-riffs of ‘Yaka’ and the vocals of Nelly Eliya ‘Margerita’ (check it out below). Blaring horns, politically-charged lyrics and pulsating beats accompany Jupiter’s idea to reactivate the forgotten rhythms and melodies of Congo, by injecting the urban groove of the city. One of the best albums to come out of Africa this year – it’s been well worth the wait. Later this year a collection of remixes will be released, including 3D (Massive Attack), Spoek Mathambo, Aero Manyelo and DJ Mo.




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