Gregory Porter ‘Liquid Spirit’

Gregory Porter just won’t stop releasing records, but when someone’s on fire that’s not a bad thing. After his ground breaking debut ‘Water’ in 2010, he followed it with the even better ‘Be Good’ in 2012. Both albums (on Motéma Music) shook up the jazz world and have crossed over into the main stream. Porters vocals fall somewhere between Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway taking a massive influence from blues, soul and gospel music, he’s doing his best to revisit a genre that can seem dated: receiving both critical acclaim and winning multiple awards – he was nominated for a Grammy for both his albums (almost unheard of for a debut jazz record).

He now wants to carry on the momentum with his third album ‘Liquid Spirit’ set for release on his new record label, the legendary Blue Note, on September 17th. The album features 10 originals tackling socio-political issues ranging from love, poverty and (on the title track) the state of the music industry today. It also features the jazz standard ‘I Fall In Love Too Easily,’ and covers of Abbey Lincoln’s ‘Lonesome Lover’ and Ramsey Lewis’ hit ‘The ‘In’ Crowd.’

Check out the album EPK below and an amazing live performance of ‘Liquid Spirit’ a gospel-tinged spiritual track that’ll have you singing along – clap your hands now!


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