Blitz The Ambassador ‘African In New York’

Blitz The Ambassador was born Samuel Bazawule in Accra, Ghana but is now based in Brooklyn, New York. After developing a love of hip hop by listening to his older brother’s Public Enemy records, Blitz turned to making music of his own and his blend of African-American rap is the coolest thing you’ll hear this week. With two fantastic albums already under his belt (2009’s ‘Stereotype’ and 2011’s ‘Native Sun’) he’s back with an EP ‘The Warm Up’ set to drop this August on Jakarta Records.

The first single (released as a free download) is ‘African In New York’ which chronicles the colorful immigrant life in New York from an African perspective. With a guitar riff and horn section that transports you straight to Accra, Blitz uses his humorous and imaginative wordplay to great effect as he spits about taking dollar cabs, talking football and hustling bootleggers.


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