Youngblood Brass Band ‘Ain’t Nobody’

So… newtunedaily finally returns! I’m back from the summer break and ready to post some great tunes this autumn – be prepared!

There’s no better way to start than a jazz style cover of a classic 80s track. Youngblood Brass Band are a 10-piece jazz-funk band from Oregon who just released their fourth album ‘Pax Volumi’ via Tru Thoughts. Forming in the mid-90s they have slowly developed their New Orleans style brass music by incorporating funk, soul and hip hop. Their last album was way back in 2006 so ‘Pax Volumi’ has been highly anticipated by anyone who has caught the band’s live show over the years.

A recent crowd favourite has been Youngblood Brass Band’s high energy cover of Rufus & Chaka Khan’s 80s classic ‘Ain’t Nobody’ which showcases everything the band is about: soul-shaking horn sections, mind-blowing solos and body-moving percussion. On an album that explores a much more modern sound, ‘Ain’t Nobody’ is the most traditional in style and the one works the best.


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