Chico Trujillo ‘Gran Pecador’

I’m going to just start off by saying that Chico Trujillo’s ‘Gran Pecador’ is a strong contender for album of the year and is a must listen for any fans of Latin American or gypsy music. Chilean band Chico Trujillo are already legends in South America, they’ve been playing their exciting brand of Cumbia for over 10 years, toured the world and even gaining a large following in Europe. With the release of ‘Gran Pecador’ that legendary status should now follow them globally, it’s by far their best work. ‘Gran Pecador’ is an epic journey that can only be created by a band that has played and lived together for a long time. It explores styles and themes miles away from their famed cumbia but never fails to sound authentic and real. But most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. This is a band that was made to party.

The album starts off with the building energy of the Balkan-inspired ‘Caleta Vargas’ which segues into the fiesta-starting Chilean polka-rocking ‘Así Es Que Vivo Yo (Sigue La Fiesta)’.

It’s hard to chose a best track as ‘Gran Pecador’ meanders through Cuban-salsa (‘Calientame La Sopa Con Hueso’ and ‘Linda Secretaria’), tons of cumbia and tropicalia (‘La Banda De Mi Vecino’ and ‘Negra Santa’) and even Brazilian batucada on the excellent title track ‘Gran Pecador’ (below). The album is out via Barbes Records and is streaming on their Soundcloud page here. I’m just sorry I didn’t bring you this earlier this summer… but it’s never too late, a fiesta in September works fine by me!


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