French Horn Rebellion ‘Caaalifornia’

Brooklyn’s French Horn Rebellion carry on with their fun, easy-going style on a new sunny single released late last week aptly titled ‘Caaalifornia’. Featuring like-minded good-time guys Ghost Beach, ‘Caaalifornia’ contains upbeat synths, funky bass lines and vocal hook reminiscent of indie-pop bands MGMT and Passion Pit – oh how I’d like to catch some […]

Black Joe Lewis ‘Come To My Party’

Texan rockers Black Joe Lewis have been throwing out blues-infused garage rock since their self-titled debut album in 2007 and their newest release won’t disappoint anyone whose been following the band thus far. Their fourth album ‘Electric Slave’ is out now on Vagrant Records and contains some absolute cracking tracks – ‘Dar Es Salaam’ is […]

Ben Zabo ‘Wari Vo’

Need a burst of energy to get you to the end of the week? Look no further than Malian singer Ben Zabo whose music, full of rich textures and harmonies, would rouse any snoozing person into life. Zabo is from the Bwa ethnic group, a culture where the music traditions are more upbeat and energetic […]