Chromeo ‘Over Your Shoulder’

Disco made a huge come back this summer, mainly due to that Daft Punk song but also due a year-long Brooklyn revival led by bands like Escort and Midnight Magic (although nothing has come even close to the re-release of Kiki Gyan’s ’24 Hours in a Disco’ – best album ¬†of the year!). Now it’s […]

Kiki Gyan ‘Disco Dancer’

On Monday, Soundway Records release ’24 Hours In A Disco 1972 -82′ an album featuring 7 cuts of relentless disco grooves from the sublimely gifted Kiki Gyan. Although a high school drop out with a rough upbringing, this Ghanaian kid would soon rise to the ranks of being Africa’s answer to Stevie Wonder. By the […]